Inventor assembly drawing

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Inventor assembly drawing

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God I feel dumb thats so easy. I laughed at myself for about a minute after watching this video. I'm glad this answered your question! I think we've all gotten "target fixation" where we looked so long in one area, we didn't think to look in another I speak from experience on that one!

All I get is, Is it possible to show total mass of two seperate assembly in one drawing? Erik, Have you tried using text and adding the mass property from the assembly?

This sounds like it would do the trick for you. Hi Jonothan, do you know if you can go further with that to get the total mass of the LOD? Cheers Elroy.

inventor assembly drawing

Elroy, I haven't tried this one myself. However, I did search around, and I did find a link at one of the Autodesk groups that does offer up a selection. I haven't had a chance to try it myself, but I thought I'd share! Seen on a T-shirt In a post a few weeks agoI was asked "How do you show the total mass on a drawing? In short, create a text field, and insert the Mass property from your assembly onto your drawing.

You'll have the property and it will update when the assembly is updated. Showing the property fields. Supplementing the display of mass in the parts list, you can show the data in all of its forms!

So once again, here's a video to show the steps in all their glory! DreamCharger PM. Jonathan Landeros PM. DreamCharger AM. Unknown AM. Jonathan Landeros AM. Unknown PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.I bring in my model, which has everything ON. Looks the way I want it. Then in the drawing, some parts are OFF. Make sure the surfaces are turned on as visible and are not translucent when in the assembly environment.

When you go to insert the part in the drawing. There is a tab that says "recovery options" that will appear in the drawing view window that pops up. There is an option to include surface bodies.

Select that and it should come in ok. Are these features that are missing surfaces or surface bodies by chance? Can you post an image of your model on here because I can probably tell you why then. If you don't receive the email within an hour and you've checked your Spam folderemail us as confirmation grabcad. Ask and answer engineering questions Join the Community. The visibility box is solid for files in question.

I check it and the files comes on. One particular file though after I check it The program has the current updates, etc. This will take 2 Steps.

If that doesn't work, let me know. Fuel tank. Surface Bodies in question. Solids come through. Surfaces don't show in drawing. Surface were translucent to start with. Surface 2. JPG Surface. Log in or sign up to answer.

inventor assembly drawing

Back to Login Form. The email with your password reset link has been sent.AutoDRAW can detect the parts and assemblies for which you have not created the drawings, and can help you create them using a template you define. Select your main assembly and relax while AutoDRAW runs through all the models in your design and creates the missing drawings for you.

I installed the trial version to see how fast and accurately it can produce drawings. I cant select a part or an assembly. How is this a trial if i cant even test it and see if it works.

Hi sorry about your bad experience. Can you email me via the app. You will find contact details on the Help tab in the app.

Autodesk Inventor 2018: 4 : Basic Assembly

I can assist you from there to ensure you get the trial running. I am to get my boss to buy a copy but I want to know how much it cost per 1 or more like 10 if there is a discount. I often make weldment drawings that will have the main weldmaent on a page then all of the component views on the same drawing. Is it possible to do this with this program? Hi Aamal, Thanks for the feedback.

Currently, that will have to be done manually. You are welcome to email me so we can chat about your requirement and see if we can add something for you to make it easier to do what you want to do. I was hoping it has some more customized features to follow my companies drawing standards.

Such as BOM goes in the top left hand corner, or adding a 5th view. Hi Daniel, Thanks for your feedback! Please contact me offline via so we can assess your exact requirements to see how we can help you achieve what's required.

You can use the ivtools email address as above.What makes it unique is that its Assembly focussed or based and that it will determine which drawings and parts are relevant based on the single assembly file you select. So if you select your GA for instance, the app will automatically know which parts and drawings forms part of that design. But since im using Vault, its has some integration issues. But for me its ok. Only thing im missing is the possibility to drag and drop drawings?

Possible to add that? Hi Lasse, Thanks for the feedback and the feature request. Its a great idea and we will look into it. I've just downloaded and used this for the first time and I have to say its a great little app.

I'd like to see the addition of a prefix or suffix option based on iProperties i. We have machines that consists of several hundred drawings. With this app I cannot go back to manually plotting pdf's.

Good app, easy to use. First of all great app! Drawing porter at the moment print the dwg without cheking if the file is updated with the model, then can create some troubles Thanks for the good review and feedback. We are working on an option to update the drawing prior to printing. That would be very helpfull. If drawings are updated before generate pdf. I was not aware of this, and i sended to my client out-dated drawings. So i had to run an update design task with taskmanager.

But it takes long. Other reviewers have done a better job than i can. Suffice to say it's an awesome free app that does just what i need.You have been detected as being from.

Where applicable, you can see country-specific product information, offers, and pricing.

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Download free trial. Talk to our sales team. Financing options available. Work efficiently with a powerful blend of parametric, direct, freeform, and rules-based design capabilities. See all features. System requirements:. Connect 2D and 3D workflows—use the right tool for every mechanical design job. Watch video. Increase your sales opportunities while participating in BIM projects. See and compare all Autodesk products. Designer and manufacturer of oil-free compressors uses iLogic in Inventor to create complex impeller designs in minutes instead of days.

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inventor assembly drawing

Our hotline team is happy to help. You can also place a purchase order by phone. Purchase by phone Total price text. Digital River Trading Shanghai Co.Opens the eDrawings Viewer with the eDrawings file displayed. The file currently open in Autodesk Inventor is exported using the options set in the Options dialog box see Options below.

Displays the Options dialog box. Select from these options which vary depending on the file type: Export shaded data with drawings. Drawings only. Saves the shaded data from the drawing document in the eDrawings file. Assemblies only.

inventor assembly drawing

Exports hidden components in an Autodesk Inventor assembly file in the eDrawings file with the visibility set to hidden. Exports bill of material information from an Autodesk Inventor assembly in the eDrawings file.

Enables a pop-up dialog that appears if you publish an eDrawings file but do not have an eDrawings Professional license from the pool of available network licenses. Enables measurement of this model by other eDrawings Professional users. If the file is review-enabled, then anyone can measure it. If you do not enable this option, measurement is disabled and no one can measure the model. Parts and assemblies only.

Displays the eDrawings Save dialog box. Set the Options see the Options section above. To protect the eDrawings file with a password, select Password required to open documentthen enter and confirm the password. Enter the file name. Click OK to save the eDrawings file. You can then view the eDrawings file using the eDrawings Viewer. Converts multiple CAD files to eDrawings files. Displays the Batch Publisher dialog box.Often the need arises to send our Inventor Data to someone outside our network: to vendors, customers, or even to Synergis and Autodesk support.

As assemblies get larger and link to more and more files it becomes very cumbersome to gather all the files needed by the parent file usually drawings and assemblies. Pack and Go is a utility that will look at the parent file or files and harvest all dependent children needed for that Parent file to open cleanly.

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If you right click on any Autodesk Inventor file you will see the Pack and Go option as shown in the image below. The destination is the folder that Pack and Go will put all the needed files.

If selecting the Desktop please create a folder on the desktop first to avoid having a big mess on your desktop. Once you have selected the Destination folder then you will want to set the project file.

By default the project file is set to the one current in Inventor. If the file you selected for the Pack and Go is not a part of the scope of this project then you will have to select the correct project file. Pack and Go will not magically fix file resolution issues. I cannot think of a time where I ever wanted to go to a single path so I always use keep folder hierarchy.

Here is why….

Autodesk Inventor, Creating a coordinated BOM for Large Assemblies

Yes you know who you are!! And I have the following folder structure…. By copying the files to a single path one of those duplicate files will overwrite the other and ultimately the assembly will be incorrect and you will probably have failing constraints. Always select include linked files. This will pull any bitmaps, attached. Having this checked will not include any components from a library folder or parts placed from content center. If you use Workgroups be sure to select this option.

A workgroup is an additional path outside the project scope that may contain files needed for the assembly. Leaving these unchecked will create copies of your templates and design data folders.

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This is good if you are sending a model to a sub-contractor or you will be working out of your normal connected environment. Once you have all your options set, you can hit the search button.

The search will look at the parent file you select and find all needed children of the model. You will see the total number of files and the disk space required for the Pack and Go.

That is it!! You can now zip the folder you created and send it to anyone you like. You will notice that a modified copy of the project file is included. If you want to test your pack and go, simply open Inventor, select the project file in the folder that was created and open the model.

You can read more about John on LinkedIn. To get all referenced files, click the more button in the lower right corner of the dialog. Then select search project file locations or choose a folder that may contain the drawings.


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